Friday, March 28, 2008
MES (from the GP public newsgroups) had an error when attempting to use Integration Manager:

"Operation must use an updateable query"

I love these kind of error messages, because they're just so darn recognizable. (I'm not kidding, really, its quite sad when you can recognize error messages, like, "Hey, there's Larry!")

I instantly recognized this to be an Access database error that occurs usually for one of two reasons (actually its the same reason, the database cannot be written to, but there's two different causes).

The first cause is if the Access .mdb file has been marked with the readonly attribute. This can happen when you copy it from a CD or if you inadvertly had it selected when you selected another file and marked it for read only.

The second cause (and more common, I think) is if you don't have permissions to write to the database, which was the case for MES.

Which Access database file am I referring to? The IM.mdb file that Integration Manager uses to store its integration definitions.

So, if you get this error when trying to run an integration, make sure that the user who you are logged in as when trying to run the integration has permissions to write to the IM.mdb file!

If that aint it, make sure the file hasn't been marked read only.

Happy Integrating!