Thursday, March 27, 2008
So, a user by the name of 2020 asked on the newsgroups the other day, how can we disable outlook on the Great Plains home page?

I happen to have had this same issue and using my trusty SQL Profiler, I found that when I manually uncheck Outlook from my home page, GP ran a SQL statement like the following :

SET Visible = 0
AND Visible = 1
AND USERID = 'dpatrick' -- comment this if you want to do it for all users
AND SectionID = 2

This works great, but it doesn't actually stop any particular user re-checking Outlook on the home page (but it got me what I wanted, which is to default Outlook to being off for everyone).

Dave Musgrave, from Microsoft, later chimed in and gave us this link:;en-us;918313

which discusses how to actually disable Outlook from the homepage (and uses a script that looks pretty close to the one I use).

Good stuff!

Thanks Dave and thanks 2020 for asking the question!


Jeffrey said...

Very helpful. Not everyone using Dynamics here has outlook so the profile prompts when starting dynamics were annoying. Nice easy way to kill outlook for everyone. Thanks for the tip,

Alex said...

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