Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I made a change to one of my Unit Of Measure Schedule's yesterday, trying to figure out why one of my items didn't have a unit of measure showing in one of our custom web pages that query from the Great Plains database. Turns out that the item's default purchasing unit of measure was left blank and that was the culprit, because that's the field that our custom web app displays.

But, in my debugging efforts (and yes, I *know* I shouldn't have been messing around in the production environment, yes - we have test and QA and DEV environments, any one of which would have been a better choice to experiment in, BUT I didn't think my change was going have to be saved (where are you UNDO?!?!) and I didn't think the change to my UoM Schedule would result in the deletion of records from three different tables! Yes, the change I made, after saving, caused about 16000 records to be deleted from each of 3 IV tables. Eeeks!

Yes, Great Plains did warn me, something along the lines of "your price list and options will be lost", but who pays attention to that stuff. :-)

Ah well, lessons learned. I had to do a restore from the night before (thank God for my back ups, which I test almost too much) and copy all my deleted records from the following three tables:

IV00106 - Item Purchasing Options
IV00107 - Item Price List Options
IV00108 - Item Price List

So, just a little drama and no permanent damage done (I hope!).

The moral for today is, be careful what you tinker with in Great Plains, sometimes it wont let you out without saving (see my earlier post/rant) and sometimes what seems like a small change can result in big changes!