Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Neil Jordan shot me an email about one of my recent posts and mentioned that it would be nice to have a central place to discuss GP Developer related issues.

I agreed that it would be nice to have a central depot for sharing GP developer information.

The challenge I find is that there already are several "central" places to share info, and the fact that there are several of them kind of takes away from any of one of them being the "central" one!

That said, here's my short list of GP dev resources:




Great Plains Microsoft Public Newsgroups


There's two newsgroups here, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer, make sure to check both.

Watch out for the occasional SPAM post and make sure to modify your email address before you post, something like davidepatrick@no-spam-hotmail.com, so as not to get SPAM'ed.



Log in required, but worth signing up if you're a GP customer

Lots of good stuff, access to the Knowledge Base is probably what I use most



You mean you're not a partner? Why not become one!

Lots of good resources here for partners.

Great Plains User Group


Not free, but host web based meetings, so you can join from anywhere

Experts Exchange


Free to read, costs money to ask your own questions, but could be well worth it!



One of only a few GP Developer blogs that I know of

GP Dynamics


Lots of free GP SQL scripts

Micosoft Dynamics Forums


A non-MS newsgroup dedicated to Dynamics

Tech Round Up


A friend of mine's (and GP MVP) GP dev blog. Hasn't been updated in a while, but still lots of good stuff!

Great Plains Guy


This blog!

If I had to pick one to be the grand daddy central place, it'd have to be the GP newsgroups (but there really are 2 of them that I check, so I guess I still can't pick just one, ack!).

The nice thing about the newsgroups is that they are read and answered by MS folks and (even better) by MVPs. So, it's not a bad place to voice your concerns, share your issues, and sometimes even help your fellow GP dev guy out.

Do you have any resources to add to my list? Maybe we need a central list of GP dev resources? Maybe a wiki or something?

What do you think?


Jivtesh Singh said...

Thanks for this post! In Firefox, the table gets cut off in the end, might want to check that out when you have time !

Mark said...

Nice Post and thanks for the mention. I would add Steve Gray's VS Tools Forum where he writes about VS and GP development.


Monzer said...

Thanks for this nice post,
There is a huge GP web site and forums for Arabs countray



josh said...

Thanks for providing us all of the resources in one place. I'm a new Microsoft Dynamics blogger, and you are proving to be a very valuable resource for me. Please keep up the good work - I will keep coming back for more.

jowdjbrown said...

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