Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Ever make a change to a PO that you didn't want to?

You know, before it's received, like to an item's price or something, and then decide, oh crap, I didn't want to do that!

So, you click the little X in the upper right corner to get out of the window and what pops up? This:

So, I click Cancel, thinking, yes, I want to cancel, get out, go away, stop the edit! But, guess what, as I'm sure we all know, clicking Cancel doesn't get out of the PO Entry window, oh no, it just plops you back into it. And there's no undo, no quit, no exiting, nothing!

I have short term memory issues and I can't remember what the price just was that I changed! So, I have to go look it up and put it back the way it was. Ugh! Too much effort.
Why can't I just close the window WITHOUT saving???


Andy said...

Very intuitive - kind of like the "DO you want to Save or Delete the document?" option when you accidentally make a change to a SOP transaction. Save the accidental change or just delete the whole thing? It's neat to see more GP folks getting information out there - keep it up.

David E. Patrick said...


I was thinking, there's somewhere else that this same type of thing occurs and you nailed, the SOP entry. I am searching for a fix/work around, but haven't found one yet. *sigh*

Neil Jordan said...
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Neil Jordan said...

Yes, it would be a nicety and something from a UI point of view that should be paramount. However, as I understand it, GP makes changes to the tables as you edit, so in actual fact it has no way of not saving the changes, as it has already done them. I guess this may be a fallback to Pre-SQL days as I think that if it were to use transactions properly, all the information as to what to change is recorded, but not actioned unless you tell it to Save.

But I may be wrong.

Let's also be honest that there are a LOT of annoying features in GP. How about when you have a Sales Transaction on view in the Entry window and want to create a new one - you can either save it and create another revision, even if you haven't altered it, or have to close the window and reload. I could go on for hours...

David E. Patrick said...

Neil you are so right! And yes, I did run SQL queries benhind the scenes to verify that, indeed, the data is being changed as you edit. So, in fact, why bother even asking me to save, when it already has!!!

It's amazing that it doesn't use transactions to handle this and allow for a cancel/undo. Maybe in version 10? Anyone?

Neil Jordan said...

I don't know for certain but I would very much doubt it. Probably waiting for Project Green..... not.

Neil Jordan said...

I happened upon this recently. I sent an email to Tom Brookes on the UK GP Blog and he linked back to the suggestions site. Now I have looked at, used and got VERY frustrated with previous versions, and judging from the small number of items on there, I am not alone, but did notice this one in conjunction with your article: