Tuesday, February 19, 2008
So, I am attempting to install FRxForecaster and as part of the oh-so-easy (not!) install instructions, it asks me for my company ID. Huh?

I don't know my company ID! I know the name, and I guess I can guess that my company ID might be 1, since the default company record that the FRxForecaster install has listed has a company ID that is zero (and 1 comes after zero, as my son might tell me).

But I need to know for sure...so I am off to try out my google fu....

Minutes later (because that's all I have the patience for)...NOTHING.

Ah well, so, I remember from one of my many GP upgrades that I had some script somewhere that told me what companies I had installed and what was their various state of upgradiness. I also remember distinctly that the script showed me what my company ID was (I also remember seeing one company ID listed as somthing like -32676, which was weird. I think it might have been TWO).


So, I go digging through my scripts archive ('cause you know I keep them all, hey, drive space is cheap!) and voila!, here it is:

SELECT b.fileOSName, a.Status, a.errornum, c.INTERID
FROM DYNAMICS.dbo.DU000030 a
JOIN DYNAMICS.dbo.DU000010 b ON a.fileNumber = b.fileNumber
JOIN DYNAMICS.dbo.SY01500 c ON a.companyID = c.CMPANYID
WHERE a.Status <> 0 or a.errornum <> 0

From this script I gather that the SY01500 table is the one holding my company info (and ID!). Sure enough, the following gives me my answer:


which is, in my case, (ready for it?):


I know, I know, kind of anti-climatic, but whatcha gonna do.

Until next time...


David E. Patrick said...

A poster from the MS GP newsgroups, rc, posted that you can get this info from within GP as well:


Dang! Ah well, always nice to know more than one way to skin a cat!

HFLo said...


David E. Patrick said...

Interesting, both HFlo and the other commenter's methods show the "Company ID" as displayed from Great Plains (which is actually labeled INTERID in the database), but not the actual internal company ID (i.e. CMPANYID from the database).

It seems FRx wanted the internal company ID?