Monday, August 31, 2009
I've become a bit spoiled. Always finding great nuggets of data in people's blogs (like MVP Victoria Yudin's - see my previous post), I tend to forget to RTFM.

I just revisited an old friend, the Great Plains SDK, which is chock full of good info that I didn't even have to google bing for!

Download the GP SDK yourself and get tons of Dynamics GP technical info for the low, low price of FREE!


tconnex said...

Great Plains Guy,
We have developed a financial dashboard that currently only hooks into QuickBooks. We want to serve the Great Plains community as well as other communities that use various accounting systems. Would you be able to send us an example of the following reports from Great Plains?

1.Monthly P&L – showing 36 columns of the most recent monthly activity for all P&L accounts

2.Monthly Balance sheet – showing 36 columns of the most recent monthly balances for all P&L accounts

This way companies using Great Plains could upload data to our SaaS solution -

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.